Sauna Services

Enhance your fitness, sleep, injury recovery and wellness goals with our sauna services.

Featured Benefits to Sauna Therapy include:

  • Skin Hydration
  • Workout Recovery
  • Deep Meditative Relaxation
  • Chromotherapy Mood Enhancement
  • Silhouette Contouring


Sauna Services (A La Carte)
1 session: $70
2 sessions: $135

Sauna Be Well Memberships
1 30-minute session – $60/month
2 30-minute sessions – $125/month
4 30-minute sessions – $200/month

Sauna Be Well Therapy
One 30-minute sauna + 45-minute massage

Two 30-minute sauna + 45-minute massage

We would like to offer an incentive to get people into the clinic:

$10 Off