What is it?

Medical Massage is a method of treating chronic pain deriving from a medical condition, many medical conditions or an acute traumatic incident, using multiple modalities of advanced massage therapy. Some of those modalities include Myofascial Release, Therapeutic & Neuromuscular Therapy, all of which are non-invasive and removed of surgical procedures.

Minor Pain Treatment
Chronic pain may be localized to one specific area in the body. A physician’s referral and prescription will indicate the medical condition along with the total sessions adequate for affecting the greatest measure of positive change.

Moderate Pain Treatment
Many medical conditions impact more than one area in the body. Treatment protocols for two collocated areas with perpetuating factors will be addressed, which may require additional time. Collocated areas may include Lower Extremities Only: hips & lower back or Upper Extremities Only: neck & shoulders.

Major Pain Treatment
Any combination of medical conditions coupled with chronic pain after traumatic injury will ensue an onset of debilitating pain cycles. The pain cycles migrate in systemic wave patterns spanning three or more regions of the body; upper and lower extremities. Intricate, progressive and restorative therapy is pivotal over the longest care plan to address total body recovery.


45min Medical Massage – $75
60min Medical Massage – $100
90min Medical Massage – $125


Can I Use Insurance Billing?
Due to the nature of changing insurance plans across the board, patients are expected to pay for services rendered upfront. Patients may receive insurance re-imbursement from their insurance carrier per plan coverage. Patients are responsible for filing claims through their self-service portals accordingly. Fountains Medical Massage, PLLC will supply invoices and treatment notes upon request for ease of access and processing.

May I Reschedule My Medical Massage Appointment?
Only Once. A medical massage appointment is based on your physician’s prescription, so a progressive treatment plan must be adhered to reach care plan goals. For efficacy of chronic pain, FMM only allows one rescheduling of appointments.

Patient will need to obtain a new prescription after 1st appointment reschedule to continue with services.

What Differentiates A Wellness Massage Session From A Medical Massage Treatment?
The typical medical massage treatment session involves assessments, ROM testing, patient feedback, treatment, re-testing and patient self-care recommendations. The treatment is not set for 50 minutes of table time, in comparison to the wellness massage session. The treatment may only be 15 minutes, but coupled with assessments within the session- may equate to 60 minutes.